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In October 2016, we launched Fathead products through Facebook Advertising, their first test with on this channel. We zeroed in on their huge customer base by creating custom audiences within Facebook, XML feed retargeting, and behavioral lookalike audiences. We then used the data we received from these ads to build the overall strategy to scale the account to probability.


Fathead had never tested Facebook as an ad channel before. Without any historical data, our biggest challenge was finding audiences that resonated with their products. By using the data from the XML feed retargeting we could get a view into the best performing products on this new channel, and build profitable campaigns from the data we received.

How We Helped

We went through a series of tests from copy to creative to hand pick the top performing ads that generated the most revenue. We also leveraged dynamic retargeting ads to help turn users who browsed their website, into actual customers. Over time we discovered the strategy that works best for their fans. After gaining these insights


As a result, our efforts yielded Fathead a huge return on investment with over 12x ROI generated in the first 4 months.


February 16, 2017