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Floyd Bed

Floyd Leg



In October 2015, we started promoting Floyd through Facebook Advertising,
exposing their brand to new audiences and increasing their revenue generated
from social ads. We gained new fans and customers while keeping their ad
spend low. We were able to see great returns while keeping a manageable


Floyd needed to scale up their marketing quickly to reach new audiences but
also stay within their budget. We needed to find a way reach audiences with
engaging material, showing off their product but keep their cost per
conversion reasonable.

How We Helped

We tested different Facebook ad concepts, from text to images to find the top
performing ads that generated the most revenue. We also leveraged
retargeting ads to help turn users who browsed their website, into actual

Over time we learned the acquisition strategy that works best for
their fans, which is engaging them with video content and then retargeting
with product specific ads that their fans were interested in. With this
information, Floyd will be able to use the best advertising strategy to attract


The result of all our efforts was a huge 4.2x return on investment generated in only 6 months.


January 10, 2017