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Love with Food

Love With Food Advertising

Love With Food Marketing

Love with Food

Executive Summary

As of today, Love With Food has over 3x the number of recruited affiliates than when started working with them. Anytime Love With Food wants to push out a new promotion or company news, they have thousands of affiliates who help spread the word and generate revenue. It has been very fulfilling to see their affiliate sales channel grow so much in 9 months.


Our biggest challenge was quickly growing and engaging Love With Food’s affiliate marketing community across three affiliate networks. We especially wanted their affiliate base to be large in time for the holidays.


How We Helped

We engaged the pre-existing affiliates and created a very open line of communication with them while simultaneously recruiting new affiliates on a daily basis that seemed like a great match to promote LoveWithFood. We also ran contests that rewarded that top performing affiliates.


We grew Love With Food’s affiliate marketing revenue 4.5x in 4 months. We also doubled the size of their affiliate base. This gives Love With Food a very large pool of affiliates that will promote their products on a daily basis for them.


February 11, 2017