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Scalable Campaign Optimizing

Social Marketing Experts

Full Circle

Comprehensive Campaigns

Creating a Strategy

Social marketing requires thought behind your campaigns. We plan the best possible approach to your marketing needs and design a testing strategy to ensure we are fully-equipped to scale up your ads.

Reach Even More People

Finding your target audience is never easy. We do the work for you by designing top-of-funnel campaigns to test audiences that resonate with your brand.

We Follow Up

Some people take more convincing than others. With that in mind, we also run in-depth retargeting ads based on people who hit key points on your website. This is the bread and the butter of marketing.


Social Advertising

Social Advertising comprises advertisements that are displayed to people through a variety of high-traffic social networks. We strategically blend ads within these social networks to get the most bang for your buck. Our Social Ads are the best way to channel your paid acquisition.

Revenue Growing

PPC Campaigns

We build winning PPC campaigns by researching, organizing those keywords into campaigns and ad groups, and setting up unique landing pages that are optimized for conversions.

Conversion Optimizing

Landing Pages

We have designed hundreds of mobile-responsive landing pages for several industries. All of our designs are optimized to get more customers to buy your product and follow your brand.

Performance Data


Analyzing data is meticulous and time-consuming. Marketing Supply has a better way. We clean up your data, triple-check your tracking, and pull out relevant, decision-worthy, data that directly effects your business.

Hit The Ground Running


Setup is key. We go through a rigorous fact-finding and setup process when you onboard with us to ensure that your campaigns are built for success.



Our team breaks out your campaign performance to let you see exactly how your brand’s marketing efforts are performing. In addition to our transparency with our reporting, we also have an option to give you direct access to a constantly updated dashboard so you can see your day-to-day reports on performance.

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Marketing Process

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Strategic Marketing Plan
Audience Testing
Image & Copy Testing