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Data Reporting Breakdown

We want our clients to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. Our monthly reports consist of in-depth data reporting on the progression of your ads.

Gain insight on your social advertising audience

Daily Data

Dashboard Access

If you are someone who wants to see your data day-to-day we have the latest data reporting tools to enable you to log in remotely and view your data in a clear and concise dashboard that we custom build for your brand.

See your data in a whole new light


Health Checkup

We think that every company should know how healthy their ads are. With that in mind, in addition to our monthly data reporting, we also setup up mid-month status updates.

Find out how healthy your marketing is
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Campaign Progression

We use Trello, one of the latest productivity tools. Your custom Trello board allows you to see your campaigns throughout the research, building, approval, and launch process. In addition to seeing our process you also have direct access to see which campaigns are live and which are not.

See all your campaigns in one place

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Contact us today for a one-on-one consultation of your advertising needs. Let’s determine where your business can see the most growth. We can start with a comprehensive tracking audit and make sure your social advertising campaigns are gathering the optimal amount of meaningful data.