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Silicon Valley growth marketing tactics. Headquartered in Detroit

Digital marketing and growth, on-demand.

What We Do

Social Advertising

Social Advertising is Marketing Supply’s specialty. Some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now Spotify, have made it possible to precisely target the people looking for your brand and those who don’t know they are looking for it.

PPC/Paid Search

Paid search is a deeply saturated market, with our PPC experts behind your pay-per-click campaigns, you will see a return on your investment. Our team continuously makes optimizations to your Google AdWords, Google Shopping, and Bing Ads channels.

Social Media Management

Marketing Supply manages social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on your behalf. We use innovative tools and social media marketing strategies to gain more followers, engage your brand’s audience, and get social insight on your target consumers.

Landing Pages

We learn what motivates your website traffic to convert and reverse engineer a path that’s attractive. This is the perfect compliment to our social advertising and ensures you get the best conversion funnel from ad to purchase.


We know great creative is a key component to building a great social advertising campaign. Our team develops performance-driven creatives to increase your ad performance and drive conversions. Optimized to deliver the best results keeping your brand’s style.


Social advertising success is tied directly to comprehensive data intelligence. At Marketing Supply data is the core of our agency. Our analysts guide you through the complexity of your analytics so you can see the bigger picture and we can guide your business to success.


Having a defined voice for your business is vital. We’ll help you craft a brand that augments your social media advertising campaigns, and – more importantly – resonates with your customers and clients


Content has always been king. Digital marketing has just given it new life. We employ expert writers to create high-quality content for your blog, website, emails, ads, etc. Not only will the content we create engage your users and establish you as a thought leader, traffic will also be driven to your site with SEO content. We use our same data-driven approach to see what’s working and what’s not. 


More than half of today’s qualified leads are generated via SEO. Our experts will make sure your website gets discovered on today’s most popular search engines.


Let us help you get funded. We’ll use social media advertising to drive traffic toward your campaign, helping you reach your goal faster. We can also craft your crowdfunding page design, video and more.

Clients and Partners

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Our Process

Social Advertising can be tricky. Our goal is transparency, making sure that you know the why and how of your marketing campaigns.

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Social Advertising Experts

We use proven marketing, advertising, and optimization techniques to scale up your online presence efficiently and effectively.

Meet the Team

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Our Industry Knowledge

With 15+ years of Silicon Valley digital marketing experience, we bring deep industry knowledge to each and every client we work with. Our team is comprised of industry experts.

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