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10 Detroit Marketing Agencies You Should Know

10 digital marketing agencies in Detroit

10 Detroit Marketing Agencies You Should Know

Much like the city they come from, Detroit marketing agencies exhibit artistry, innovation and grit. You’ve probably seen their work. But – also like the city – they haven’t received as much good press as they deserve.

Detroit has always been a hub for makers. From quality beer to reliable automobiles, the city prides itself on attracting top talent and producing quality products and services. That’s the value you get from working with a Detroit marketing agency. Although there are many located in the metro area, this article highlights firms headquartered in the Motor City.

Here are ten Detroit marketing agencies you should absolutely know about.

Top Detroit Marketing Agencies

1. Marketing Supply Co. 

Marketing Supply Co. helps companies grow. Whether you need marketing infrastructure and strategy or lead generation and engagement, Marketing Supply Co. has you covered. This agency’s data-driven approach to SEO, content, social media advertising and more effectively and efficiently scales the online presence of its clients. Plus, dedicated account managers to ensure that clients see ROI.

2. Lovio George 

Quite possibly the longest-standing marketing agency in Detroit, Lovio George opened its doors on Forest Avenue in 1982 and has been there ever since. Specializing in communications and design, the agency works with nonprofits and what they call “non-just-for-profits” such as The Parade Company, Grosse Pointe Public Library and Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Detroit Marketing Agencies You Should Know

3. Group55 Marketing 

Group55 Marketing is a woman-owned boutique firm that’s been in Detroit since 1993. The agency provides branding and collateral, direct marketing, advertising, public relations and more. It also has an off-shot company called Swag55, which helps companies boost their brand awareness with custom swag.

4. Campus Commandos

What makes Campus Commandos unique is that it focuses marketing efforts toward college students. Companies like Men’s Warehouse, Kaplan and HP use this marketing agency to develop lifelong brand and buying habits among the consumers of today and tomorrow. Campus Commandos is also part of the Quicken Loans Family of Companies.

5. EM360Digital

Looking to ramp up your paid search and PPC campaigns? EM360Digital has got you covered. The company utilizes enterprise-level tools to bid cost-effectively and perform PPC-oriented keyword search. Other services from EM360Digital include organic search social media.

Detroit Marketing Agencies You Should Know

6. Agency720

A full service agency currently serving more than 170 local markets, Agency720 implements strategies for local field marketing and advertising, retail planning and execution, media planning and buying, and much much more. Thought the company has locations in major cities across the country, it’s headquartered in the Motor City.

7. Bankable Marketing Strategies

Bankable Marketing Strategies has been around for almost two decades. The company’s services range from public relations to event planning and management. Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, Bankable’s clients include The Detroit Jazz Festival, The Hudson Cafe and Pfizer.

Detroit Marketing Agencies You Should Know

8. Midtown Media

Formed just last year, Midtown Media works with web and graphic design, social media management, copywriting and photo/video services. The company also specializes in IT security. Interested in working with them or forming a partnership? Just give call their office at the number listed above.  

9. The Marketing Co. 

The Marketing Co. has a range multiple digital marketing services, including online advertising, SEM, SEO, digital media buying, media planning and mobile marketing. They also provide custom web design and development, in addition to ROI-driven online advertising.

Are there any Detroit marketing agencies that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Hally Darnell

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