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15 Questions with Austin Jennings: Meet Marketing Supply Co.

15 Questions with Austin Jennings: Meet Marketing Supply Co.

NAME: Austin Jennings

TITLE: Account Specialist Intern

Where did you grow up?

Davisburg, MI

Who would you want to play yourself in a movie?

Myself or Shia Labeouf

Who is your favorite comedian?

Jerry Seinfeld

What is your favorite place in Detroit?

Belle Isle Beach

If you were an instrument, what would you be?

A Harmonica

What is your favorite videogame?

Backyard Baseball 2003 or Backyard Soccer 2001

What makes your day better?

Funny people and cringe worthy moments

What is your favorite SNL Skit?

Fred Armisen’s SNL Monologue in 2015

What should be canceled?

Dogs wearing clothes. Idk I’m just not into it.

What is your go-to joke?


If you could have one robotic body part, what would it be?


What is you favorite social media campaign?

The Purple Boys: Ideal Sleep Solutions and Zonk Strategies by Purple

What do you spend too much time doing?

Watching stand-up comedy

Who is your favorite athlete?

Ken Griffey Jr.

What is your favorite holiday?



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