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5 Email List Growth Tips for Startups

5 Email List Growth Tips for Startups

Today we’re providing email list growth tips for startups that will help you grow your subscriber base. As a startup company with little website traffic, building your email list is not the easiest task. However, there are easy ways to get started that require minimal time and financial investment.

Read on to get 5 email list growth tips for startups that help you ensure you’re well-equipped to collect email addresses from the get-go.

Opt-in Forms for Startup Email List Growth

We’ve all been hit with an opt-in form when visiting a website. They’re nearly impossible to avoid these days, but it’s because they are a highly effective method for email list growth for startups and more established companies alike. Below we offer tips for using opt-in forms smartly.

Make an Offer

Make an offer your site visitors want—and that they can’t refuse.

People are overwhelmed with the amount of spam they receive in their inbox on a daily basis. That means that now more than ever, you need to give them a reason to opt-in.

Tell them what they’re getting in return for them giving you access to their email inbox. This could include a discount on their first order or a free guide that is packed with valuable information relevant to your customer’s intent. Call out the value of the offer, and set up a welcome email to be sent to them with the offer automatically.

Use a Creative Call-to-Action

The words “sign up” or “join” can sound painful to a person whose New Year’s resolution is to unsubscribe from the email lists whose emails they don’t read. Those words can feel like another obligation the customer has agreed to begrudgingly.

Why not explore creative calls to action that not only serve the purpose of taking action but also make the customer feel they are taking a step toward improvement? Examples for creative calls to action follow:

  • Start Thriving
  • Get Fit
  • Get More Leads
  • Start Ranking

Pop-Ups that Help Grow your Startup’s Email List

Entry Pop-Ups

Does your site trigger a pop-up upon a visitor’s arrival to your website? If not, we highly recommend doing so. This way, you can capture a lead upon entry to your site.

We suggest you present a compelling offer so that your visitor will want to give his or her precious email address to you. You can set specific time limits on pop-ups, so think about what type of experience you want to give your reader. Make sure that your pop-up doesn’t appear too frequently, or you may annoy your visitors.

5 Email List Growth Tips for Startups

Source: www.exitintent.org

Exit Pop-ups

Also known as “exit intent,” exit pop-ups are pop-ups that appear when your site visitor attempts to navigate away from your site. This means that when they hover over the X button on your site tab in their browser, or they attempt to navigate away from your tab, a message appears. We suggest making a compelling offer here to get your site visitors’ email addresses.

Partnering with other Brands for Email List Growth

Can you think of any non-competitor brands with which you share a target audience? If not, think harder and think across verticals. You can partner with one of these brands so that they recommend their visitors sign up for your email list, and vice versa.

This is a great way to get in front of new, relevant audiences. Keep in mind it won’t be a fair deal if their list is significantly larger than yours. This means you either want to find someone who needs as much exposure as you do, or you’ll need to put some money toward the deal.

Leverage your Social Reach to Expand Your Startup’s Subscriber Base

Do you have an active social media following? Make a call for newsletter subscribers once a month so that you can alert your new followers that you have a newsletter. This is a fantastic avenue for startup email list growth.

Some people do prefer to receive updates in their inbox, so it’s important to know they have that option to follow along with your brand. Especially if you offer discounts exclusively to email subscribers, you’ll want to call that out in your messaging to your social media audience.

You can also leverage a tab on Facebook that allows your followers to subscribe on your page.

Make Customers into Email Subscribers Upon Checkout

5 Email List Growth Tips for Startups

Source: www.squarespace.com

Another way to grow your startup’s email list is to consider making your customers into email subscribers when they check out. You can make this a box checked as a default if you wish, but it’s wise to give them an option to uncheck that box.

Think about the type of experience you want your customers to have and make sure you have a well-thought-out email campaign for your different segments of customers.


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