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Launching and scaling pet companies

In March 2015, San Francisco based pet health company Fuzzy needed a launch plan. Fuzzy was rolling out a new product that gave their paying subscribers access to a mobile vet, and pet health on-demand.

We implemented a launch and scale strategy that successfully allowed Fuzzy to begin taking the market away from brick and mortar vet companies. In addition to growing the subscription over a 3 year period, we also launched a vet-on-demand app, which allowed Fuzzy to generate qualified leads at a much lower cost than during launch.

Helping Fuzzy close funding

With the successful launch and growth of Fuzzy, the founders were able to close 2 more rounds of venture capital funding from prominent San Francisco investors.


Cut CPL in half


Launched 2 new product lines


ROI on advertising spend

One more launch!

In 2019, we helped Fuzzy launch a new product called Health Packs, a subscription service that sends pet medications monthly. We quickly scaled Fuzzy to 10k Health Pack subscribers in 3 months. This allowed Fuzzy to scale up their team and close an additional round of funding creating an entirely new business unit.