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In November 2016, Michigan-based online instruction company MedCerts needed to scale their digital marketing efforts quickly while lowering their customer acquisition cost. MedCerts was spending too much per lead and was not able to generate a positive ROI on their advertising spend.

MSC implemented a Facebook and Instagram ad strategy that successfully captured new leads, generated substantial revenue growth, and increased revenue while keeping the cost per conversion low.

Dropped Cost per Lead from $140 to $70

Which grew revenue at MedCerts 100% within 5 months. Doubling lead volume without sacrificing conversion from lead to a paid course.


Cut CPL in half


Launched 2 new product lines


ROI on advertising spend

From unprofitability to scale

MedCerts’s success story proves that our testing and optimization techniques can be extremely successful in driving down advertising costs and scaling revenue. With their newfound revenue growth, MedCerts was able to scale their team and build out other business offerings, resulting in substantial company growth.