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Thought Leadership

15 Questions with Jessica Kukla: Meet Marketing Supply Co.

NAME: Jessica Kukla TITLE: Content Specialist Where did you grow up? Grosse Ile, Michigan. It’s a little island right in the Detroit River. Where is the next place you really want to visit? Alaska, to see some glaciers before they melt! Do you have any siblings? 2 sisters, living the middle...

Shane's Guide to Startup Scaling and Growth

Shane’s Guide to Startup Scaling and Growth

As a founding member of MoviePass, former Vice President of Marketing at Nutshell, and Founder of Marketing Supply Co., Shane has personally experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Marketing Supply Co. is now a thriving marketing and growth agency, but things weren’t always easy--Shane...

Endeavor Detroit

MSC Client Spotlight: Endeavor

Endeavor is a high-impact entrepreneurship community: they help existing startups get the connections, funding, and talent they need to scale up and move from surviving to thriving. Endeavor focuses on building sustainable business communities in local areas across the globe by providing resources where they’re...