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Design Trends: Top Colors of 2018

Design Trends: Top Colors of 2018

Design Trends: Top Colors of 2018

The top colors of 2018 are popping–here’s how you can use them to make your designs pop!

This Year’s Top Color Trends

Design Trends: Top Colors of 2018

Gentle Gradients

Gentle gradients ruled the graphic design world not too long ago. It is no surprise that they are making a comeback in a big way in 2018. Many companies are jumping on what is predicted to be one of the biggest design trends of the year. With gradients, designers have the freedom to either extremely vibrant or subtle color transitions. Gradients are used as a semi-flat design enhancement to compliment modern designs.

Daring Duotones

In the past, you could only achieve duotones through a specific printing process where a half-tone is printed on top of a contrasting color. Thankfully we are living in 2018 and we have Photoshop for that. Duotones evoke a feeling of nostalgia by taking you back to the Warhol days while still feeling relevant and modern in the current day. Like gradients, duotones compliment the semi-flat design style by creating interesting designs within a limited color palette.

Pretty Pinks

At this point, it’d be hard not to know of Millennial Pink, the color that took over the design world in 2016. Through its wide reach in advertising and web design, pink has transcended its gender association to become more of a neutral color in the world of design. Many companies of all shapes and sizes are using pink as a marketing weapon. A few years ago, the design world believed pink’s reign was reaching its peak. Contrary to belief, pink continues to outshine the rest.

Bold Brights

The modern world is oversaturated with visuals everywhere you look. It has become clear that in order to keep a viewer’s attention, the designer needs to make drastic decisions. Bright and bold colors are the perfect solution to this problem–they force the user to pay attention. More and more brands are emerging with bold branding to set themselves apart in the consumers’ eyes, and it’s working. This is a trend that will not be going away anytime soon.

With looks like these, your creatives will be catching everyone’s eye. Follow us for more design tips!

KK Henneghan

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