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Digital Marketing Intern: MARKETING SUPPLY COMPANY (MSC)

Will Hanna Marketing Intern marketing Supply Co. | Detroit

Digital Marketing Intern: MARKETING SUPPLY COMPANY (MSC)

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no! It’s the new MSC digital marketing intern!

Who is this new intern, you may ask? Some say he’s a superhero, others say he’s just a myth. What we do know is he’s now the newest digital marketing intern of the Marketing Supply Company team!

He’s creative, optimistic, a true Detroiter at heart, and ready to dive into the advertising and marketing industry. With a ready-to-learn attitude and strong work ethic, he’s ready to help an incredible company expand to new heights.

But who is he?

My name is William Hanna, but my friends call me Will. I am 24 years of age, a college graduate, and ecstatic to be starting my professional career with this incredible Detroit company. In just one week I’ve already learned so much: from Facebook and Instagram ads to email marketing, on-boarding new clients, and much more. The greatest thing about this industry is that you have to stay hungry and be adaptable. Every day is different, there are always new things to learn and improvements to make.

Here’s a little background

My previous job was at one of the top dealerships in the nation. Starting my journey as a car porter, I quickly earned the title of Advanced Technology Assistant (ATA). As an ATA, it was my job to directly educate our customers to help them understand their vehicles inside and out. Of course, I worked to make sure customers were completely satisfied with their purchase.

And they always were.


Okay, but… auto industry to marketing?

I bet you’re wondering how my prior auto experience can help me become a successful digital marketer at Marketing Supply Company. As it turns out, working at the dealership taught me tons of skills that I’ll carry with me into my professional career. Two of which are communication and customer satisfaction.

Having the ability to talk to a diverse lot of customers directly translates into communicating with our clients. Instead of selling a car or educating a customer, I can now sell Marketing Supply Co. and all of its services, all while offering a top-notch experience.

Why start at Marketing Supply Company?

People I talk to ask, why Marketing Supply Company? Well, let me start at the beginning.

A few weeks back, all I knew was that a small marketing company called Marketing Supply Company was on the lookout for a new digital marketing intern. To make it even better, it was located in Detroit. Having earned a degree in advertising and marketing, I knew the position would be a good start. I had heard great things about MSC, and knew that its growth potential was huge. Plus, having grown up outside of Detroit, I always wanted to work in the big city.

Perfect, right? I thought so too. So, I immediately applied for the position, thinking to myself, “This is my opportunity to get my foot in the door with a growing company in a city I love.”

And here I am. I took the job, and haven’t looked back!

Marketing Supply Co. Team

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