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Get the Most Out of Your Twitter Ads

Get the Most Out of Your Twitter Ads

Get the Most Out of Your Twitter Ads

Twitter has remodeled their advertising structure to allow advertisers to get the most out of their campaigns and enable users to view the most tailored ads to that individual possible. Now offering customized ad solutions, Twitter allows advertisers to build and expand their influence, connecting with and discovering new audiences. Twitter helps strengthen your overall brand image and awareness while having strict control of your budget. With Twitter ads, you can carefully select your target audience, amplify or cut back on your message, and much more!

Get the Most Out of Your Twitter Ads

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier

Set Objectives

Decide what you want your campaign to focus on as well as goals you plan to achieve. Options include spotlighting a specific tweet, increasing profile engagement, and attracting and gaining new followers.

Tailor to Your Audience

New targeting features and geographic selections make it super easy to pinpoint who and where you want your message to be displayed. You can also target people’s interests and their followers for more authentic communication.


Twitter Ads is auction-based. You can quickly set and bid on individual interactions, such as gaining a follower or driving profile traffic. Another one of Twitter’s great new features is Automatic Bidding which takes into account your goals and budget to automatically formulate the best bid for you!

Creating a Budget

Twitter Ads has no required minimum spending amount, so you can convey your message without worrying about meeting quotas, although continually reaching audiences throughout the day generally requires at least $30/day. Twitter Ads allows you to work from there and adjust your budget as needed once more traffic and reach is required.

Get Creative

Now comes the fun part where you start off selecting 4 or 5 Tweets you want your campaign to focus on. Creative pieces should include calls to action like “start today” or “find out more” in order to maximize audience interaction. It is also important to remember to exclude mentions and hashtags from your creative piece which could result in your following clicking away from your ad.

Get the Most Out of Your Twitter Ads

Twitter Offers 3 Unique Advertising Approaches

Customized Ads make it easy to reach your goals as well as find the solution that is right for you and your company.

Twitter Ad Campaigns

Perhaps the most flexible option, Twitter Ads Campaigns allows individuals and organizations alike to develop and implement campaigns that are tailored specifically to your goals, audiences, and budget. This mode also has no minimum spend, which means if just a little is working for you, there’s no need to spend more money! Twitter Ads enables you to promote tweets, attract groups of followers and even drive and optimize traffic to your website.

Twitter Promote Mode

Promote Mode is for those busy advertisers who don’t have time to manage the campaigns but need their ads ‘always-on’. At $99/month, Promote Mode automatically promotes your tweets in addition to accounts associated. This style is most effective for reaching potential customers, gaining followers, and most important measuring results in real time.

Twitter Ads for Agencies

Ads for Agencies allows you to get the most from your campaigns while Twitter does the heavy lifting. Twitter Ads for Agencies requires a minimum $1,000/quarter spend but it is worth every penny. Enabling this mode assists in helping create and get optimal results from your campaign(s). Additionally, Ads for Agencies helps pitch Twitter to clients, develop the most effective strategies, and manage your projects.

69% YoY Increase in Ad Engagements

28% YoY Decline in Cost per Ad Engagement

Whatever approach is the best fit for your business, Twitter advertising will greatly assist in choosing your target audience and amplifying your message to get discovered. Setting Twitter ads apart from other social media advertising platforms, they help set a budget and pay for what actually works instead of spending on a campaign that gets seen by minimal people.

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