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Mobile App User Acquisition Tactics for Startups: Part 1

Mobile App User Acquisition Tactics for Startups: Part 1

Looking for the top mobile app user acquisition tactics for startups? Read on to learn why these tactics have been the most effective for launching the most popular mobile apps.

Your Website


If you have a website that is well-optimized for organic search—and you’re getting traffic— this is a surefire way to acquire mobile app users for your startup app. Optimize your meta data, on-site copy, internal links, backlinks, images, site speed and submit a sitemap. Refer to our article on Growth-Hacking Using SEO to learn more about the importance of SEO in your user acquisition strategy.


If your site is optimized for SEO but not mobile—although those two go hand-in-hand now—make sure your website is mobile responsive. This is foundational to organic mobile app user acquisition.

Blog Content

Another helpful tool for improving your search engine ranking is publishing blog posts. Blog posts will allow you to target long-tail keyword phrases that address the pain points of your target audience. Your blog posts will lead users to a CTA to download your new mobile app.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Similar to what SEO does for websites, ASO can increase your app store visibility. ASO is one of the most important mobile app user acquisition tactics for startups. Make the most of your app store presence with a description that contains a clear understanding of what your app offers the user.

App Title

Make sure you include keywords in your app title. It should look something like “App Name – Short relevant tagline with descriptive keywords here.” Keep it simple, though. For instance, Lyft’s app title is ‘Lyft – Taxi App Alternative.’ When users search “taxi app,” Lyft appears. It’s concise, descriptive and contains a relevant keyword.

Lyft App Success

Make sure your mobile app has significant visual appeal in the app store. This means that your screenshots highlight the most popular use cases for your app and are as easy to understand as possible. These should reinforce what you promise in the description.

Furthermore, the first two screenshots are the most important as that is what users see as they scroll through the app store’s search results.


Your app icon should be modern, minimalist and easy to identify. In the best case scenario, it highlights a visual element that is already established by your branding. It should always look clean and professional.


Include a short video that can demonstrate the value props of your app to the user without needing audio. This can increase conversion and ranking. This has been cited as one of the best mobile app user acquisition tactics for startups that are trying to boost their app visibility in the app store.


Did your mobile app receive a nod from an influential news source or user? Put that in your description. Keep your value props clear and easy to understand. Describe the solutions your app provides to common problems.


Use keywords that are relevant to your app, yet ones that are not of high difficulty to rank for. As a new mobile app, you have a better chance of acquiring users for keywords that are medium difficulty than high difficulty.


If you intend to acquire users on a global scale, you should localize your app page to maximize installs from users across the globe. This means your app page would appear in a different language depending on the user’s country.

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