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MSC Client Spotlight: MeditationWorks

MeditationWorks, Detroit

MSC Client Spotlight: MeditationWorks

Client Spotlight: MeditationWorks

Most people know that meditation is good for them. Some people already meditate–or, at least, they have an app on their phone that they pretend they use to meditate. The wellness professionals at MeditationWorks know that, even with the knowledge and some means to meditate, it’s hard to find ways to incorporate consistent meditation into your ongoing life.

Consistent meditation has amazing benefits. One session can decrease your blood pressure. A month of weekly sessions can decrease anxiety and depression. Two months of meditations can lead to better stress management and willpower overall. This doesn’t just affect your personal life–it improves your work life, too. Meditation helps people to be more creative, focused, and empathetic in the workplace. Meditation also helps you finally find that elusive balance between work and life. A little mindfulness goes a long way.

MeditationWorks brings this mindfulness to your office door–literally. Their mobile meditation studio is designed for optimal comfort and portability, so your company’s 10-minute meditation session can happen anytime and pretty much anywhere.

MSC Client Spotlight: MeditationWorks

Each session begins with the dramatic shift from outside to inside the mobile studio. From the outside, it looks like any other–if well-detailed–closed trailer. As soon as you step inside, though, it’s like entering a different world. The studio has a deep wood floor and soft lights. The generator hums at a gentle, underlying frequency that cuts the tension of what would otherwise be absolute silence. The padded bench that rings the interior finds the perfect balance of firmness; foam yoga blocks sit under the seat to help people with shorter stature find their best posture; pillows are within arm’s reach to help ease any lumbar issues. The air is cool and still.

MSC Client Spotlight: MeditationWorks

Then, a MeditationWorks Meditator leads you into the soothing guided meditation. The goal is to gain a clear mind, but there’s an understanding that, most of the time, there’s no such thing. Instead, guided breathing helps serve as a focal point for thoughts to flow around. Time seems to fluctuate throughout the session, making it stretch beyond ten minutes in the best way. After the session ends, there’s a feeling of deep relaxation and refreshment, like you’ve managed to dive into cool lake water and sleep for six hours in the span of ten minutes.

From there, it’s easy to see how it could lead to positive changes in the long term. These meditation sessions are, more than anything, a chance to just pause and breathe–something that is way too rare in a world that’s faster than fast-paced. You become more aware of yourself as a person and more aware of others. We’ve been lucky enough to have a few sessions with MeditationWorks at Marketing Supply Co., and we were so impressed that we’ve signed on for regular sessions. We’re looking forward to taking our own meditation journeys, and we’re excited to help MeditationWorks bring their valuable sessions to the Detroit Area and beyond.

Sarah Mitchell

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