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MSC Client Spotlight: Rocket Fiber

Rocket Fiber Detroit

MSC Client Spotlight: Rocket Fiber

The digital landscape is changing and all users are in search of one thing: speed. Our new client, Rocket Fiber, has addressed and tackled this issue head-on. Whether you are putting together a business presentation and need cutting edge internet speeds, or looking to catch up and stream your favorite television show from home, Rocket Fiber has you covered.

Power Your Life With Rocket Fiber

Rocket Fiber’s innovative gigabit internet services can help you both during work and play. Their features include instant streaming and download speeds within seconds, a network with a capacity to collaborate and create, fast and reliable access, as well as staying connected on ALL devices. Tagged as “Detroit’s Fastest Internet”, Rocket Fiber is one step ahead of the curve and looking to improve internet functionality for both residential and business networks alike.

Services and Solutions

Whether you are working late at the office or sending an email from home, Rocket Fiber provides you with the network and speeds necessary to continue working and assure your internet never loses connectivity.

Business Networks

Rocket Fiber boasts an internet speed of 100x faster than the average internet connection, giving businesses the secure and swift upload and download speeds they need. They also provide companies with buffer and lag-free streaming as well as seamless video conferencing and data transfers.

Additional features include fully managed routing, business voice services, and enterprise-ready managed Wi-Fi standard with detailed analytics. These aspects allow Rocket Fiber to provide both paramount security and unrestrained connectivity.

Residential Internet

Rocket Fiber has you covered when your house is full of heavy streamers or you work remotely and can’t lose that important internet connection. Their in-home internet services provide residents with cutting-edge browsing speeds, super-quick cloud access speeds, as well as crystal clear videos and gaming free of lag and connectivity issues.

At only $70/month, Rocket Fiber’s residential internet services include 1 gigabit upload and download speeds, Wi-Fi gigabit router, and client support 24/7 to assure your connectivity never falters. You can also start or stop services at any time with no installation or activation fees and no data caps. With the ability to curate an extremely flexible internet service plan, there is no reason not to get Rocket Fiber powering your home today.

Clients and Community Outreach

Rocket Fiber Astronaut

Detroit Lions

Powering Ford Fields connectivity, Rocket Fiber assists Detroit’s NFL team in ensuring seamless internet and business services for both the organization and their stadiums’ visitors. Allison Maki, Senior Vice President of the Detroit Lions, assured: “they provided us top-notch service and support throughout the entire upgrade process”.

Lear Corporation

Headquartered in Southfield, MI, Lear Corporation is a leading supplier of automotive seating and electrical. Utilizing Rocket Fiber ensures streamlined connectivity to their 257 locations and clients across the globe.

Meridian Health Plan

As a company who has it’s goals set on being the premier service organization in government health care, Meridian relies heavily on Rocket Fiber to continuously provide these services. “Rocket Fiber’s service has been paramount in supporting our bandwidth needs”, praised Meridian Director of Information Security, Michael Preur.

Project Green Light

Rocket Fiber is a partnering organization for Project Green Light; who collaborates with local businesses and the Detroit Police Department to establish safe areas in the community. Each partnering business displays an exterior green light and is equipped with security cameras to provide real-time footage to the DPD. This is just one way Rocket Fiber is working to assist both local companies as well as have an impact on the surrounding community.

Get rid of slow download speeds and connectivity issues and have Rocket Fiber provide you with the network you need. Whether at home or in the office, they will curate a solution right for you so that losing Wi-Fi connection or stream lagging is a thing of the past.


Jessica Kukla

Content Specialist

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