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Our Favorite Michigan Startups: Tech Edition

Our Favorite Startups Tech Edition

Our Favorite Michigan Startups: Tech Edition

We are back for the second edition of Our Favorite Startups, this time spotlighting the tech industry here in Detroit and the state of Michigan. Move over Silicon Valley, this Great Lake state and its thriving cities including ours; Detroit, are taking the tech scene by storm. Revitalizing from its bankrupt past has companies and talent flocking here for the opportunity to create their own legacy in the tech realm. Using tech to come up with worldly solutions and cultivating inclusive cultures is what the future of the industry looks like for the next generation and beyond.

Although this list only scratches the surface of tech startups in the area. As mentioned, these are our favorites, a diverse array of fields using technology to advance the startup scene here. If you’re looking to start a career at a budding startup, keep reading to learn more—there are some exciting opportunities on the horizon!

Six Tech Driven Michigan Startups


Literally, in a nutshell, an efficient customer relationship manager software (aka CRM). This sales tool differentiates itself from other powerhouses like Salesforce by putting their focus on helping small businesses and their sales teams in any industry. Based out of Ann Arbor, MI, Nutshell separates themselves from the rest by motivating sales teams to embrace the product they are selling. Currently, they are in more than 50 countries—and rapidly growing.


Lunar Wireless

For all of us that dread our monthly phone bill, usually blindsided by hidden fees tacked onto your plan, this ambitious startup is trying to change the whole telecommunications industry in the consumer’s favor—and they’re using tech to do it. At Lunar Wireless, they believe in only paying for what is used on your phone per day, which depending on what is used on your wireless phone, your phone bill has the potential to decrease dramatically.

lunar wireless



For those looking to break into the startup world but don’t know where to start, Re:Purpose is the startup helping others find employment at startups. In an era where doing something you love and great company culture are top priorities, Re:Purpose is a great tool to connect the two. Owner Ryan Landau, a Michigan native, brings his Silicon Valley tech experience to Michigan residents—and for non-Michigan residents, no fear because Re:Purpose benefits those beyond the Mitten State.



Homeowners rejoice, an app and interface developed to save homeowners from life’s biggest and unexpected messes that need to be addressed in a hurry—it’s your home, so you need help now—at a price you can handle. At service.com, their app streamlines the process from quote to payment, using tech to give the consumer the convenience they crave. Located in Farmington Hills, MI, service.com prides itself on only working with professionals that they’ve personally verified, eliminating that worry out of your home projects. Just download the app or type in service.com into your web browser to get started. The days of asking for recommendations on Facebook is over!


This list could not be complete without mentioning a tech startup in the auto field here in Detroit. Riding the wave of other successful ride-share platforms (a.k.a. Uber & Lyft), SPLT feels especially niche to the Metro Detroit area where it is necessary to have a car, and almost every household has one for each person. SPLT uses tech on their platform to connect co-workers and manage all the hassles of car-pooling through a smartphone app. Saving money and the environment—we love that!


This is a startup to have on your radar—if it isn’t already. This Farmington Hills, MI-based tech company is the first and only provider of drone inspection for wind turbines. A visionary leader in robotics, actually creating what we always imagined the future would look like. Drone technology that we already have is being used to create the industries of the future.


Let’s be honest, video is the future of marketing, and Waymark makes it possible for businesses to create fun and engaging video ads thanks to their winning combination of Hollywood video producers and content API. An easy way for businesses to create video ads without taking on a full production. Moving its headquarters from New York to Detroit opens up a great opportunity for local Detroit and Midwest companies to take their businesses’ visual marketing to the next level.

There are so many more tech startups to mention, but this is a blog post—not a novel. We are very excited for what is brewing in the state of Michigan and around the country too. We believe tech is the future, so if you are a tech startup, comment below and contact Marketing Supply Co. for any of your digital marketing needs!

Marketing Supply Co. Team

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