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Data Reporting Breakdown

It’s important to us that our clients know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. That’s why our monthly reports contain in-depth data on the progression of your campaigns.

Gain insight on your social advertising audience

Daily Data

Dashboard Access

We use only the latest data reporting tools for all of our campaigns. These tools will give you easy access to any and all data in a concise, custom-built dashboard.

See your data in a whole new light


Health Checkup

We believe every company should know how well their ads are performing. In addition to monthly data reporting, we also schedule mid-month status updates to keep you in the loop.

Find out how healthy your marketing is
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Campaign Progression

We organize and plan project lifecycles through Trello, one of the most functional productivity tools on the market.

All of our clients have access to their own Trello board to view campaigns throughout our research, building, approval, and launch process.

See all your campaigns in one place

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