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Snapchat Geofilter Location Ideas for Startups: On-Demand Geofence Ideas

Snapchat Geofilter Location Ideas for Startups: On-Demand Geofence Ideas

Looking for Snapchat geofilter location ideas for startups?

While the possibilities for geofilter location ideas (geofence ideas) are endless depending upon what vertical your startup falls into, we provide you with guidance that gets you thinking about what places you could set a geofilter for.
While reading this article, jot down the Snapchat geofilter location ideas that come to mind as you begin to ask yourself the questions we present to you. You should come away with a list of Snapchat geofilter location ideas specific to your business, and you’ll start to see the possibilities are infinite.

This is actually a lot of fun once you begin to think outside the box! So grab a cup of coffee and use this as an excuse to close your inbox for a bit while you invest time in growing your startup.

Questions to Help you Come up with Snapchat Geofilter Location Ideas for your Startup

Question 1: Does your startup have a local presence or spin?


Answer A: Yes! My Startup Has a Local Presence or Spin

Lucky you! Since your business is inherently local in some way, you have already narrowed down the city or cities in which it makes sense for you to implement a geofilter.

Target Neighborhoods

Now it’s time to take a close look at the specific locations in which you serve customers. If you have a storefront of some sort, think about setting a geofence around your neighborhood.

If you don’t actually have a physical storefront, you still have some great options.

Maybe you partner with a related brick and mortar that does have a storefront. You could include their location in your geofence. Or maybe you don’t have any ties with local businesses.

Either way, if there are a cluster of businesses that you share a target audience with, consider setting your geofilter for that neighborhood they have a presence in.

Think Micro

What if your business serves an entire city? Think on a more micro level when it comes to setting your geofence. For instance, if your business serves all of Manhattan, is there a given neighborhood with a large concentration of your target age group and income level?

To get your wheels turning a bit more, read below. Although the section is primarily geared toward startups without a local presence, some of the ideas we delve into should help guide your thought process.

On-Deman Snapchat Geofilter Location Ideas

Answer B: No, My Startup Does Not Have a Local Presence or Spin

Snapchat is not only for startups with a local edge. There are still myriad opportunities for you to reach your target audience.

Lifestyle & Interests

If your business doesn’t have a local presence, observe your target audience’s lifestyle. For example, if your business is a mobile app for yoga enthusiasts, brainstorm what local areas in any given city those yogis might hang out in.

You could research yoga festivals or other yoga events in major cities across the US, UK or Canada. This could even include ones that are catered toward teachers specifically.

Social-Ready Locations

Wherever you set your geofence, make sure these are social hangout spots, or places where people would be taking a lot of photos or videos. It makes sense that people would use Snapchat in places where they would be likely to share images and videos of their surroundings.


Look to your target audience demographics. What places would your potential customers gather in abundance? For instance, let’s say your target audience includes 25-34 year olds with an income range between 75K-100K. Is there a particular street that floods with 25-34 year olds on Friday nights after the cocktail bars close?

Maybe your target audience is bit more specific and that approach seems a little too broad to you. Let’s say your business targets indie video game enthusiasts between the ages of 18-24. Is there a particular conference many of them attend every year?

We’re thinking it might be a good idea for you to set a geofence around IndieCade, the largest independent gaming conference in America. Better yet, it’s happening on the University of Southern California campus. An event at a college campus will undoubtedly help you reach a large portion of that age group you’re targeting, and you’ll have indie gamers at your fingertips.

To continue on that thought train, let’s dig a little deeper into the topic of large gatherings.

Question 2: Is your startup attending a major event?


Will your startup have a presence at any conference, convention or expo? Fantastic! See if you can reserve a geofence at the conference. It might be a bit tough to claim a geofence around the entire perimeter of the event, but it’s worth a shot.

If you can’t claim it due to demand or price, look at the event schedule. You will likely find a number of social gatherings scheduled in locations outside of the event center. You can set a geofilter for those locations at the specified times and dates.

This might actually save you money and help you take advantage of the natural social sharing that happens outside of the conference itself.

Conference Geofilter Awareness Tips

If you have a booth at the conference, call attention to your Snapchat geofilter. You can even design a contest around the best Snap using your geofilter.

On the other hand, maybe the booths are too expensive and you plan to take advantage of networking on foot. If that’s the case, think hashtags. Although those aren’t used on Snapchat, it’s important to note that almost all conferences have a hashtag that attendees use on Instagram and Facebook.

To call awareness to your geofilter, you and your crew can snap some awesome photos using your own geofilter while you’re there and save them for uploading to Instagram or Facebook. In the caption or message, use the event hashtag everyone is using. People can and will discover your brand that way. Wear a shirt that has the logo you use in the geofilter so people can make the connection and ask you for more information.

Conference Geofilter Design Tips

In your geofilter, make sure you are careful to not use the name of the conference or any logos that you do not own. Your geofilter could get declined by Snapchat for this, or you might be forced by the event organizer to take it down early. If you

Question 3: Is your startup missing a major event?


Are you skipping a conference you’d otherwise love to attend because your startup is unable to dish out money for a ticket right now, or it simply doesn’t fit into your schedule? You could still establish a presence at that conference you wish you could get to.

You can still set geofilters. There are brands that have done this and have considered the outcome a success despite their physical presence. Make sure you read the above section “Are You Attending a Conference?” for some guidance on setting a geofilter to reach conference attendees.



Save this article for another time and read it. You won’t get the full advantage of the thought process we guide you through until you make time to read it. Effective Snapchat geofilter location ideas require thinking outside the box!

Need more general information about geofilters? Refer to our on-demand Snapchat geofilter FAQ’s.

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