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Google Analytics Attribution Models – introduction

Everything you need to know about attribution models using Google Analytics.   Digital Marketing is a combination of data, analytics, and intuition. Computers can’t read minds however, they can track user touchpoints. Digital marketing experts use these touchpoints to better understand the buyer’s journey and learn what...

Get the Most Out of Your Twitter Ads

Get the Most Out of Your Twitter Ads

Twitter has remodeled their advertising structure to allow advertisers to get the most out of their campaigns and enable users to view the most tailored ads to that individual possible. Now offering customized ad solutions, Twitter allows advertisers to build and expand their influence, connecting...

Shane's Guide to Startup Scaling and Growth

Shane’s Guide to Startup Scaling and Growth

As a founding member of MoviePass, former Vice President of Marketing at Nutshell, and Founder of Marketing Supply Co., Shane has personally experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Marketing Supply Co. is now a thriving marketing and growth agency, but things weren’t always easy--Shane...