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We have built our team around digital marketing experts, Detroit natives, hikers, Michigan State fans, startup lovers, video gamers, botanical aficionados, and a dog.

Our dedicated digital-savvy account managers are with you every step of the way and are continuously making sure you’re getting the most out of our work. We give our clients direct access to the latest visual project oversite and data reporting tools. The goal is to make sure you know what you are getting when you work with us.

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Shane Bliemaster

Founder & Chief

Mike Bagozzi

Social Advertising Director

Nick Bond

Account Director

Hally Darnell

Content Manager

Anna Mayer

Account Manager

chelsea kovach
Chelsea Kovach

Social Ads Associate

Milan Boyer

Content Specialist

Alex Kus

Social Ads Associate

Adam McKay

Account Manager

Kathleen Henneghan

Graphic Designer

Melissa Cocks

Content Specialist

Justine Wan

Content Specialist

Peter Quinn

PPC Manager

VJ Singh

Front-end developer



Our Account Managers are equipped with the knowledge and team support to make sure all of your marketing campaigns are running smoothly. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge enabling us to generate revenue-generating campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Creative design is a key factor in the performance of our social ads. We as a team come together to plan out the best creative strategy for your business and generate beautiful creatives, optimized for your campaign’s performance.

The quickness at which we deliver your marketing campaigns is a key factor to our client’s success. We are a team of industry experts and that gives us the ability to churn out the best work, quickly, and more effectively than most companies could do internally.