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The Importance of Landing Pages

The Importance of Landing Pages

The Importance of Landing Pages

The Importance of Landing Pages

What is a landing page? That’s the question I get asked most right after I tell folks what I do for a living. And I don’t blame them. Heck, before I came to Marketing Supply, I didn’t even know what a landing page was, let alone why they were important. After working with and implementing them into our clients’ digital strategies, though, I can tell you from personal experience they’re game changers. Here’s why. 

Landing Pages are Game Changers

Let’s say you want to start a company. The first thing you know you have to do is start a website, get an online presence, and I’m sure you will have plenty of questions in your mind. Well, how do you do this? How much will this cost? Will it be effective? Is it worth our time? All these questions are answered by using a landing page. 

The Importance of Landing Pages

Source: Unbounce

Here at Marketing Supply, we use Unbounce. It’s a great landing page site that handles all of our necessities. It’s user-friendly, low cost, and widely used, so if you do need some help, there are thousands of people out there that can assist. Right now, building a landing page is a much lower cost option than building a website. Landing pages consist of a summary of your website, plus a space that allows your viewer to submit their information. This drives traffic to your company without them having to build a giant website that many people won’t even view. Landing pages are a one-page quick hitter that tells the viewer who you are and why you should find out more.

Will it be effective?

Think of it this way. Building a giant website for thousands of dollars may look aesthetically pleasing, but it won’t be as effective as a landing page that summarizes your value prop to the client, and it allows them to fill out a form. It may be hard to stop from building a beautiful website right away, but remember, the simpler the better. You’ll thank yourself later.

Is it worth your time?

Time is how you value it, but if you ask us at MSC, time is money and taking weeks to build a website that may not work isn’t the right answer. Build a landing page and test it. We test constantly. It allows us to pivot quickly if needed, finding the best combination of content to drive the most traffic. 

The Importance of Landing Pages

Hope this helps. Happy Building!

Jordan Zwart

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