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The ONLY Social Media Management Tools You Need

The ONLY Social Media Management Tools You Need

The ONLY Social Media Management Tools You Need

A good social media management team is only as strong as the social media management tools it uses. In the humble opinion of this content manager, we have a pretty great social media management team, but this is in part due to our social media management tools being second to none.

If you feel like your social media management team or content team could use an upgrade, keep reading for Marketing Supply Co.’s list of best social media management tools broken down by the social networks they are best suited for.

The Best Social Media Management Tool For Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

This social media management tool is probably a no-brainer for anyone who has ever dabbled in social media management. That social media management tool is Hootsuite. It may not look the prettiest, but it definitely gets the job done.

We recommend Hootsuite for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for a variety of reasons:

– You can preview what a post will look like

– You can edit the appearance of a link

– You can add basic UTM parameters

– You can add multiple accounts (depending on the version)

– You can monitor messages, feeds, hashtags, keywords, etc.

The list really can go on forever. Depending on your Hootsuite plan (note: there is a free version), you can use Hootsuite to manage any and all of your clients. Another added benefit is that you can monitor a variety of other things on your social channels. This is what we believe truly separates Hootsuite from other social media management tools like Buffer. You can monitor incoming messages (and reply), mentions, and even location and keyword specific channels (great for engagement). While it can be a little tricky to get the hang of, once you figure it out, it will be your new best friend as a social media manager.

The ONLY Social Media Management Tools You Need

The Best Social Media Management Tool For Instagram

Instagram is notorious for being the most difficult platform for social media managers to manage. Until just recently, there really was no social media management tool that allowed you to schedule out Instagram posts. Then Sprout came along and social media management budgets shot way up.

For some massive social media management teams, the cost of Sprout is worth it, but for startups and smaller agencies, there is another tool that kicks ass for social media management. That social media management tool is called UNUM. UNUM is an app that is one of the greatest social media management tools for planning Instagram posts in advance. Again, this tool has a range of plans—including a free version—so it can fit the size of your team. You can also manage multiple accounts with UNUM. The UNUM app is modeled after Instagram itself, so it has a clean look and is very easy to use. You can do anything from planning out your next theme/campaign to pre-writing captions and adding hashtags. You can also monitor insights within the app. There are two potential downsides to this social media management tool; 1. It does not have a desktop version, so all work has to be done from your smart phone. 2. You still have to manually post to Instagram, but you can easily set reminder alarms and paste your captions directly into the caption field.

The ONLY Social Media Management Tools You Need

The Best Social Media Management Tool For Pinterest

Pinterest has quickly become a major power player in the world of social media management and social media advertising. Because of this, having a social media management tool that will help you schedule out your pins and repins is crucial for maximum engagement and exposure.

Our favorite social media management tool for Pinterest is a tool called Viralwoot. Like most social media management tools on this list, this one has a variety of plans, each having a higher limit of pins you are able to schedule through the tool. In addition to the site itself, the Google Chrome extension allows you to go to any web page (including Pinterest and your website) and pin/schedule the images from the site.

The ONLY Social Media Management Tools You Need

So, there you have it. The only social media management tools you need for you and your content team. If you’re a startup or small business owner trying to manage your own content, these tools are excellent. However, if you would rather focus your time elsewhere, you can count on Marketing Supply Co. to take over your social media management. Our team of content experts have the time, knowledge, and resources necessary for managing all of your social profiles. If you want more info, give us a call!

Marketing Supply Co. Team

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